Sustainable cleaning FWC

A sustainable and risk-free cleaning method in Gitav Resorts and Hotels

Gitav adopts an innovative method of professional cleaning, confirming its focus on the sustainability of the environment, operators and guests.

Orbetello, 25 April 2024 – On the occasion of World Health and Safety Day 2024, Gitav is happy to announce its partnership with FWC (For Clean World) for sustainable and risk-free cleaning in the Group’s Resorts and Hotels.

Conceived precisely on the basis of the needs of the accommodation facilities, the FCW cleaning process has as its main element ozonised water used to remove any type of dirt without residue, in absolute safety, without using chemicals, reducing waste, improving the sanitising effectiveness which remains stable for up to 24 hours.

FWC General Manager Alessandro Foraggio says: “We are thrilled to have started with GITAV on this innovative path that is revolutionising and challenging the world of professional cleaning. We are working side by side with the women and men of the GITAV world, a reality that we have discovered has a great sensitivity, like us, towards essential human values such as respect and priority for people and the planet. Together, with constant training at all levels, we are implementing new technologies, reformulating procedures, without ever giving up the high and important hygienic and sanitary standards to which those who work with GITAV and for GITAV have always been accustomed. And we manage to do this with great harmony and strong motivational drives, precisely because the history and values that unite us, and which have made GITAV a very strong reality rich in professionalism and human sense, has convinced us today that we want a simple, sustainable, innovative future. Just like the FCW process”.

Gloria Francorsi, CEO of the Gitav Consortium, continues: “This collaboration confirms our commitment to the people who work and stay in our facilities, as well as to the environment, an element in which we live and which we offer to our customers”.

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