Corporate Social Responsibility

For many people, tourism is about fascinating places, experiences, travel, dialects, local products. These are important elements in the emotional narrative of an area, but they are only the first layer of a tourism promise.
Going deeper we encounter other elements that are not only aesthetic and emotional, but also ethical, social and environmental. And we hold these issues very dear.

Why we do what we do

We develop in structures in which we believe, in which we live and recognise ourselves. We perceive the vocation, the sense of doing, of telling and sharing places, values, dreams. We really enjoy doing this. We are not interested in as long as it is talked about but in why it is talked about.

Our why concerns respect for the environment, care for the land and a sense of responsibility towards the people who choose us for their holidays and who work with us.
Without a why, change does not happen.
And we also really like change.

The loss of biodiversity and ties to the land has gone unnoticed for too long, and now it is time to heal and rediscover. Our commitment started right here, with the land and our roots, respect for the environment and a strong sense of responsibility in every professional choice.


Our Projects


– Provision of electric car charging stations in the main facilities
– Differentiated waste collection in the facilities
– Installation of solar panels at Le Cannelle
– Availability of water dispensers at Gitavillage Le Marze and Gitavillage Talamone
– Use of high-efficiency pool motors at Gitavillage Talamone, Gitavillage Argentario and The Caesar Hotel Argentario Osa
– Planting of the area at Gitavillage Le Marze with over 3000 trees

Our Projects


– Sponsorship of cultural, sporting and social events
– Construction of a subway at Gitavillage Le Marze
– Offer of free shuttle buses for Gitavillage Argentario customers to the city centre
– Donation of old furniture still in good condition
– Collaboration with Technical Institutes for Tourism
– Availability of a “Gitav Academy” scholarship and internships
– Support for the transport of school children in Albinia
– Giving a hand’ project in cooperation with Mary’s Meals Italy

Our Projects


– Gitav Academy for ongoing Team training
– Adoption of the Positive Organisation model for corporate well-being
– Brand identity
– Team Building
– Chief Happiness Officer

Our Projects


– Creation of eco-friendly merchandising
– Setting up a green bathroom line
– Continuous reduction of plastic use
– Choice of Green oriented suppliers
– Use of 0 km products

“Landing a Hand”

The ‘Landing a Hand’ project is a concrete, authentic and valuable help for less fortunate children, in collaboration with Mary’s Meals, an international association that every day distributes almost 2.5 million school meals to children in 20 countries in need.

Our goal is to adopt one or more schools in Malawi, one of the poorest South African countries in the world, now hit by Cyclone Freddy which is bringing hundreds of deaths and over 5 million ‘climate’ refugees.

Throughout the summer 2023, we united “virtually” with these children by drawing… our hands! All young (or even more mature) guests of our facilities, as well as pupils from Malawi, drew their own hand as a symbol of an exchange and a gesture of love.

“The House of the Fishes”

In the splendid setting of the Argentario Osa Resort, five artists, both Italian and foreign, confronted each other in 2023 in an art symposium, a kind of sculpture school like those of ancient times. In the shade of the olive grove of the Osa, they created the works that joined the striking underwater museum of the House of the Fishes in the Gulf of Talamone.

Happiness is a skill

Hospitality starts with people.
Those who work and gravitate around us, those who help us carry out a tourism, cultural and social project. We want them to feel fulfilled, happy, satisfied. We want them to stay with us for a long time.
To achieve this, we adopt targeted activities and strategies to nurture work gratification, personal satisfaction and the quality of social relationships. We are a family, those who work with us perceive and appreciate this, cultivating this awareness is a very important part of our daily work.
Hence the Gitav Academy project, a path that addresses the topics of leadership, personal growth, listening and balance, the ultimate goal is simple: happiness.

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