About us

We are a Positive Organization of accommodation facilities set in breath-taking locations amid nature and cities of art, in the heart of the most authentic Tuscan countryside, on the sea of the Costa d’Argento, on the Lido of Venice and in the capital, Rome.
We believe that the happiness and sustainability of our positive organization is everyone’s responsibility.

We offer authentic holiday experiences in destinations of unrivalled beauty. Enter the Gitav universe, our tourist constellations and our vision, discover our roots and our commitment to the world of Italian hospitality..

Our identity

Our Aim: to highlight the beauty of simplicity
Our Vision: to welcome guests in unique places where they can have authentic experiences, seeking harmony amid innovation, growth and tradition, leaving a positive impression on people and territories.
Our mission: we are committed to creating a harmonious environment for our collaborators and guests, enhancing the talents and creativity of each one, featuring the uniqueness and culture of each territory.

Our Values

Gitav’s distinguishing values are: passion, what moves us and makes us different; armony that shines when we seek balance and beauty in people, in decisions, in actions; ethics, a compass that guides us every day in every decision; trust, something we feel toward ourselves, work, our future and above all that exists among Us; innovation as an inquisitive and proactive approach to change; respect for ourselves, people, the environment and actions, the basis of our corporate identity and the intrinsic value of the family, firmly rooted in us that leads us to be a family.

Gitav is located in the territories of the Tuscan Maremma, Lazio Maremma, Rome and Venice.