Clear waters and oases of relaxation

Tagliata beach: the sandy shore enjoys a special context, being in fact adjacent to the ancient Roman port of the city of Cosa ‘Portus Cosanus’ and to a natural cleft in the rock called Spacco della Regina, which was once useful for the exploitation of currents. Over time, the Spacco della Regina became unfit for use and was replaced by an artificial work called La Tagliata, a channel carved into the rock that extends for about one hundred metres from the sea to the lagoon behind it and from which the beach, which stretches all the way to the coast of Latium’s Maremma, takes its name.

Osa beach: the beach stretches for 8 kilometres and is sandwiched between two rivers, the Osa and the Albegna. Bordered by a lush pine forest and a shady bike path, this stretch of beach is home to most of the campsites in the area, but is nevertheless accessible to all.

Argentario Osa Resort

Fertilia beach: between Fonteblanda and Talamone runs a strip of sandy shore and posidonia also known as the Bay of Talamone or of the Surfers. It is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of extreme sports such as KiteSurfing and WindSurfing, but also Sailing. In fact, the Bay has a particular conformation that allows it to accommodate all winds while leaving the water flat up to the first two miles from the coast. The water for the first 200m is very shallow, allowing beginners to practice without great difficulty and bathers to relax, perhaps playing safely with their children.

Bagno degli Uomini and Bagno delle Donne: these beaches tell a story rooted in the 1950s, when singles of both sexes were not allowed to frequent the same beach. And so it was that the stretch of sea in front of the two beaches, separated by rocks and still called ‘the living room’ by the locals, represented a ‘secret’ meeting place where glances could meet.

Hotel Capo D’Uomo

Cala del Cannone: rocky seabed, excellent for spearfishing and snorkelling!


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