Cala di Forno Beach

A natural, unspoilt beach

Cala di Forno Beach

Cala di Forno is perhaps our area’s beach with the most natural, pure sand. It is located in the Parco della Maremma enclosed by two promontories.

It’s not all that easy to reach this paradise, but for trekking-lovers it could be a good reason to venture out into the silver of the olive groves and the intoxicating smell of the centuries-old juniper woods.
Gitavillage Talamone however, offers the chance to reach the cove with a ride in a rather original and completely homemade boat: the Polynesian canoe.

You can organize your trip based on weather forecasts and the number of participants. The excursion is of average difficulty, but suitable even for children ages 10 and up, if accompanied by their parents. Usually trips are scheduled for the morning, between 8:00 and 9:00, in that – depending on how the wind blows – it could take a good 3 hours to reach the Park’s beach.

During the summer there is a shuttle leaving at 9:00AM, and returning at 6:00PM. Reservations are required and we recommend calling this number in advance: 320 0474936
Remember that the Cala di Forno beach was voted as one of Italy’s most beautiful beaches, and was given an award by Legambiente.


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