Maremma Aquariums

Discover the marine ecosystem of our seas

Maremma Aquariums

There are two aquariums in the area which offer children and adults the opportunity to discover and understand the marine ecosystem of our seas.

Porto Santo Stefano Mediterranean Aquarium
Managed by the Centro Didattico di Biologia Marina del Monte Argentario (Monte Argentario Marine Biology Educational Centre), the Mediterranean Aquarium aims to reproduce the ecosystems of the Costa d’Argento as faithfully as possible. The Aquarium has 17 tanks, 7 of which are panoramic, with a capacity ranging from two thousand to twenty thousand litres. Hundreds of plant and animal species can be observed, such as groupers, seahorses, octopuses, moray eels, lobsters, spotted dogfish, anthias, amberjacks, posidonia, sea fans and many more. There is also a tropical tank to give an idea of what tropical seas are like. Rich in corals and colourful fish, such as the little Nemo (clown fish). Inside the Aquarium there are also three permanent exhibitions, the first one concerning shells with at least one hundred species, the second one is dedicated to the history of underwater technology with a section dedicated to photography and finally a part dedicated to Cetaceans and the International Marine Mammal Sanctuary.

For more information, visit or call +39 0564 815933

Talamone Aquarium and Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

Managed by the Maremma Regional Park Authority, the aquarium consists of 9 tanks inhabited by aquatic species typical of the Mediterranean Sea. There is also a projection room and an educational room with interactive panels for children to learn about them through play. The Aquarium is also a centre for the recovery of Caretta sea turtles.

For info +39 0564 393238 or


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