Vulci Archaeological and Nature Park

History mingling with the present

Vulci Archaeological and Nature Park

In the place where the Vulci Archaeological Nature Park stands today, near Montalto di Castro in the province of Viterbo, there was once an Etruscan city of the same name, one of the largest city-states in Etruria.
Visiting the park is like stepping into a time machine when, under the domination of the Roman Empire and the Etruscan people, the city of Vulci experienced a period of great splendour: in the centre was the ancient city, around it were the necropolis and along the roads outside the city were the sanctuaries.

Today, precious testimonies of all this remain to be admired in the paths of the archaeological area. The symbol of Vulci is the Castello dell’Abbadia, which rises above the River Fiora and houses the important National Archaeological Museum. But the undoubtedly most important element is the necropolis about 1 km from the castle, the famous city of the dead, with tombs dating back some 2700 years, such as the Cuccumella tumulus, the tomb of the inscriptions and the François tomb.
Through the finds, it is possible to rediscover the traditions, songs and dances of the Etruscans.

Activities not to be missed:
Sensory trails and archery to immerse yourself in the landscape of Vulci, baptism of kayaking in the waters of the Pellicone pond; didactic nocturnal visit to the ancient city and, to finish, tales of stars among legends, myth, science and… unspoilt Nature immersed in the mystery and charm of darkness to be observed with the aid of torches.

Lake Pellicone, inside the park, was the backdrop for two very famous films: “Non ci resta che piangere” by Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi and the more recent “Tre uomini e una gamba” by the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo.
The video clip of the song “Libre” by Emma Marrone and Alvaro Soler was filmed in the Vulci park and around Canino and Ischia di Castro.
Not just a park, then, but a perfect combination of history, art, culture, nature and modernity: a magnet attracting more and more tourists from all over the world and just a few kilometres from Gitavillage California!
April and May, organised guided tours. Book your tour directly in the Village, every Sunday!


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