Saturnia Thermal Baths

In the heart of the Maremma hinterland

Saturnia Thermal Baths

In the heart of the Maremma hinterland, on the slopes of the splendid village of Saturnia, the Natural Baths are born.

The thermal water, of sulphurous origin, springs from a volcanic crater with a constant temperature of 37°C and flows for about 500 metres along a stream called the Gorello, where a difference in height creates a waterfall that laps against an old mill, forming in turn a series of natural pools carved into the rock.

Like all enchanted places, the birth of the Terme di Saturnia is shrouded in the charm of a legend. According to myth, the baths, also known to the Etruscans and the Romans, were formed at the point where a thunderbolt fell to Earth and Jupiter hurled it at Saturn, missing him, following a violent quarrel between the two mythological divinities.

The Cascate del Gorello, or del Mulino, waterfalls are freely accessible and are located just 2km from the village of Saturnia. These natural waterfalls are immersed in the countryside, but easy to reach.
Just before arriving, on the left-hand side of the road, a Dantesque panorama opens up, allowing you to admire the waterfalls in all their beauty from afar. The cloud of steam that perpetually surrounds the natural pools is also impressive.
Immersing yourself in the warm waters is a real pleasure not to be missed!


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