The underwater museum

Opened in June 2019


an underwater museum with 44 sculptures

The Underwater Museum ‘La Casa dei Pesci‘ will be inaugurated in June 2019 with the lowering into the water of several dozen blocks, but above all the first 15 sculpted works, to save the seabed of Talamone and beyond.
The idea comes from the Tuscan fisherman Paolo Fanciulli, who has been fighting for years to prevent fishing boats from damaging the Mediterranean by trawling.
Since 27 June 2023, the Museum has been enriched with five new sculptures inspired by the theme of the ‘sea’ and created by artists Anna Torre, Claudia Zanaga, Ege Kolcu, Masha Paunovic, and Wimar Van Ommen under the artistic coordination of Giorgio Butini.

The total of 44 underwater marble sculptures, weighing more than 10 tonnes, have been placed on the seabed in different areas of the Maremma, thus becoming bollards that destroy nets and become a home for marine flora and fauna, while retaining their beauty and identity as works of art. In Talamone, in front of the Bagno delle Donne and The Caesar Capo D’Uomo, it is now possible to admire 24 works – the five just completed and the previous 19 – set at a depth of between 10 and 20 metres, which can also be seen simply by snorkelling or by boat on guided excursions.
Gitav participated in the project with the aim of promoting environmental restoration and protecting and preserving the posidonia meadows.


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