Orbetello Lagoon and Oasis of Burano

Beautiful WWF Oases

Orbetello Lagoon and Oasis of Burano

Orbetello Lagoon

Orbetello Lagoon: the second one in Italy, a WWF Oasis, is situated along one of the most important migratory routes.
An untouched environment made up by the lagoon, a sandy tombolo, with the maquis, a pine grove, cultivated fields, which hosts a rich fauna consisting of about 200 species of water fowls, with pink flamingos, ducks, herons, grebes and seagulls.

In order to admire this splendid Oasis, the WWF organizes guided tours along the “nature paths” fitted out with observation spots and huts equipped with illustrative signs.

Oasis of the Lagoon: tel./fax +39 0564/870198

Oasis of Burano

Oasis of Burano, which is managed by the WWF, includes the lake, a narrow tombolo, covered with a thick vegetation.
The lake of Burano, dominated by an ancient Spanish tower, is a naturalistic jewel because it represents a good synthesis of the landscapes and the ecosystem which once characterized the original Maremma, before the reclamations took place.
The birdwatchers will be able to enjoy themselves, immersed in a very evocative environment.
A good part of the oasis can be easily accessed by the disabled.


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