An important tourist centre on the Costa d’Argento


Orbetello is an important tourist centre on the Costa d’Argento.
It is located in the centre of the lagoon of the same name and is connected to the Argentario Mountains by a road over an artificial hill commonly known as ‘la diga’, which divides the lagoon into two water levels, Laguna di Levante and Laguna di Ponente.

Orbetello’s territory is very varied: the humid lagoon area is divided by the sea into two tombolos, Tombolo delle Feniglia and Tombolo della Giannella, characterised by long sandy beaches, pinewoods and Mediterranean maquis, while the coast at the edge of Talamone and Ansedonia becomes rocky.

The Orbetello territory has been inhabited by various civilisations, from the Etruscans to the Romans, later becoming the domain of the Aldobrandeschi and then the Orsini, but of great importance was the conquest by Charles V who made Orbetello a State of the Presidi of Spain.

The main buildings in the historical centre are the Cathedral, near the main street, the Palazzo del Podestà in Piazza Eroe dei due Mondi and the city walls with their ancient gates.
The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the main church, originally built on the remains of an Etruscan-Roman temple and restored in 1375 in Gothic-Tuscan style.


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