Digital Detox Holidays

Digital Detox Holidays

Stay offline for a weekend

Remember the pleasure of enjoying food only with the person sitting in front of you and not with the 9 thousand followers of Instagram, ignore the emails, the whatsapp group of the gym, work, friends, family, the non-profit association of which you are part …
Recapture your 5 senses: enjoy the colors, the scents, the sea breeze, good food and dive into the crystalline waters of the Cannelle.

What is digital detox really?
A short but intense break from everyday digital … to feel good, to detoxify and recharge
Technology, the internet and social networks have helped us improve our lives, but they have also led to misuse and negative aspects
We don’t have to get rid of technology, but learn to use it in a better and more responsible way
Avoiding excessive use, learning to be aware of one’s time and the pleasures we live, that’s where the need for digital detox comes from.

How does it work?
Is simple! Turn off all your devices completely and give yourself a break
Where to start:
• first of all you need to have a good motivation: that is to finally get back in touch with nature, to have some time for yourself, for the couple or friends, to experience relaxation with your 4-legged friend …
• set a time for your re-hab: why not a weekend?
• plan your analog life: a long walk, a day at the beach, a good lunch …
• choose the ideal place that makes you rediscover all the pleasures
Filling time with true pleasures is the only way to escape temptation

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