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Work and awareness

Dealing with the relationship between work and happiness is a path we have chosen to take together with the people who work at Gitav and who represent the soul of Gitav.

The path is both individual and collective, it goes through the values of the company, the goals for the future, the needs of managers and staff. Everyone has to play their part, get involved and grow, understand, nurture their professional empathy.

Recognising and practising positive leadership is the first step in caring for (and caring about) people, and in finding the tools that every leader needs to relate to his or her employees. To be capable leaders and recognised as such, the work starts from within, from oneself. This awareness then expands to the people and takes the form of ‘positive work organisation’.

Paths of dialogue and confrontation are born with ‘kindness’, ‘growth’ and ‘sharing’ as key words. The distance between employee and employer is reduced, there is no longer talk of the ‘upper echelons of the company’ but of the ‘family’. Thus each person feels important, called upon, a protagonist in an ambitious project in which each individual counts.

All this is part of Gitav Academy, a project strongly desired to give value to people and make them up-to-date, determined, performing, satisfied. Gitav Academy goes beyond classic team building activities and takes the form of continuous and constant work, because happiness is not a moment, but a path.

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