Mary's Meals

Mary’s Meals

Lending a hand

A simple gesture became a promise: lending a hand.
As a sign of help, friendship, brotherhood. Giving a hand to give, to ask, to caress, to knock, to be heard, to draw. Giving a hand as a sign of presence, so that no child feels alone or excluded.
Giving a hand also means looking differently at our daily lives and knowing how to welcome what we have in this part of the world that is so fortunate compared to Malawi or other starving countries.
Our help came in the form of exceeding the target set for the summer of 2023, reaching more than € 11,000 in funds to guarantee one meal a day for an entire year for 500 children of Mankhamba Primary School.

In Gitav’s charter of values, we have ‘the valorisation of everyone’s talents and creativity by exalting their peculiarities’: this is our response to the hardships, especially of young people, who are more than 10 million socially excluded in Italy. Giving a hand wants to be an answer for Malawi’s hunger for food and a help for our country’s hunger for love.

What we do

With the Mary’s Meals project, we extend a helping hand to children in need of food and practical help. By collecting voluntary donations and choosing to adopt a Malawi school, we expand the concept of hosting. It is no longer just about hosting and making someone happy, but about extending a hand and offering love.
The gesture of ‘lending a hand’ becomes a concrete project that reaches schools and hearts, reaches where there is a need for presence and help. Mary’s Meals is an international non-profit organisation that provides every child with a full meal in schools and educational establishments in the world’s poorest countries. The meal is distributed at school precisely to ensure that the children follow their education instead of working or going out to look for food. The food is bought directly at the places where it is distributed and cooked by volunteers or mothers in order to cut distribution costs. For every Euro we donate, at least 93 cents will go to fund charitable activities. Today, almost 2.5 million meals are distributed daily.
Committing ourselves to this is perhaps the greatest, most useful and rewarding thing you can ask of the world. We assure you that there is nothing, really nothing, more exciting than helping and seeing how this gesture brings happiness to people.

What you can do

Help us support the Giving a Hand project. You can make a voluntary donation on the page* or choose to donate €2 when booking one of our facilities for your next holiday. For other ideas and availability, please contact us, there is always a way to help someone: let’s find it together.

(*) The contribution will be deductible in the following year’s tax return.

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