Gitav for Mary's Meals Italia

‘Lending a Hand’ exceeds the € 10,000 target and helps 487 children in Malawi.

The collection of voluntary donations from our customers and family has allowed us to extend the concept of hospitality, which is at the heart of our business. It is no longer just a matter of hosting and making someone happy during their holiday or business trip, but of extending a hand and offering love.

16.10.2023 – On the occasion of World Food Day, the Gitav Consortium is proud to announce the successful completion of ‘Lending a Hand’, the concrete, authentic and valuable help for less fortunate children, in collaboration with Mary’s Meals Italia, an international non-profit organisation that every day distributes almost 2.5 million school meals to children in 18 countries in need.
The aim of the project was to adopt one or more schools in Malawi, one of the poorest South African countries in the world, recently hit this year by Cyclone Freddy that brought hundreds of deaths and over 5 million ‘climate’ refugees.
Thanks to the generosity of the Francorsi family, owners of the Gitav Consortium, and to the voluntary donations of the guests in the various facilities, ‘Giving a Hand’ has reached almost € 11k in funds that will allow 487 children at the Mankhamba school to be guaranteed a meal at school every day for a whole year.

Mary’s Meals was chosen because the meal is distributed in the classrooms precisely to ensure that the children follow their education instead of working, begging or searching for food.

Wherever possible, the food is bought directly in the places where it is distributed and cooked by volunteers or mothers in order to cut distribution costs and benefit the local economy. For every euro donated, at least 93 cents goes to fund charitable activities.
Throughout the summer, Gitav staff and customers joined “virtually” with these children by drawing… their own hands! All young (or even more mature) guests of the facilities drew their own hand as a symbol of an exchange and a gesture of love.

“Giving a hand meant looking at our daily lives in a different way and welcoming what we have in this part of the world that is so fortunate compared to Malawi or other starving countries.” – says Gloria Francorsi, CEO of the Consortium – “In Gitav’s charter of values, we have “the valorisation of everyone’s talents and creativity by exalting the peculiarities”: this is our response to the hardships, especially of young people, who are more than 10 million socially excluded in Italy.
Giving a hand wants to be an answer for Malawi’s hunger for food, but also a help for our country’s hunger for love.”

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