Gitav X "La Casa dei Pesci"

Art to protect the sea

In April and May, while the staff of The Caesar Argentario Osa Resort prepared the facility for the new season, the olive grove on the property was the scene of an international art symposium, a sort of sculpture school like those of ancient times.
The final objective was to create works in Carrara marble destined for House of the Fishes, Paolo Fanciulli’s project that already has 19 statues on the seabed of Talamone Bay, to prevent illegal trawling under the coast and protect the natural habitat.

Supported by the association, directed by Giovanni Contardi, together with Letizia Marsili and Loriano Valentini, five young European artists, from Italy, Serbia and Turkey, gave shape to their image of the sea. Thus were born:

“Deep pursuit” – Ege Kolcu

Compared to the jumble of wrecks, stones and rocks, the bottom of the sand seems empty (it is inscrutable). Most of us only judge what we see on the sand of the sea; we do not even think about the lives that might be hidden underneath. We often do not realise that there are creatures watching us intently as we walk on its slopes.

Sea sand is a cover that provides invisibility to those lying on the bottom. Some are content to cover the blanket for a while, while others succeed. Sometimes it is enough to question the spirit of the sea and look for it within.

“Nautilus” – Masha Paunovic

The sea, its immense wealth and the history it conceals, humanity about long-forgotten spies and the importance of the natural environment around us.

“Fragment of Light” – Wimar van Ommen

The fragment of a colossally large face settles on the seabed; they are large eyes, carved in marble, intent on observing the sunlight breaking through the water from above. The sides of the block, shattered and mottled like an archaeological find, form irregular cavities ready to accommodate the underwater life of algae and fish.

Fragment of Light observes us, generating a connection between the underwater and terrestrial worlds.

“The big dive” – Anna Torre

It depicts a female figure bent over in the act of diving. The soft forms of the huddled body sink into the block and disappear, in part, as if about to plunge into the sandy seabed. The figure’s hair swings upwards, moved by the waves. The large plunge is intended to symbolise the harmonious interaction between man and sea, in a mutual relationship of trust.
The volumes and recesses of the sculpture are designed to accommodate the underwater flora and fauna, which will contribute to embellish the work and enhance its visual meaning.

“A Fisherman’s Dream” – Claudia Zanaga

The boat is the main vehicle of wanderings. It embodies the journey of life, the return to one’s
one’s origins, to the reunion with the primordial waters. In this case the empty space is
filled by an animal element. Natural beauty and human presence coexist in the figure
of a fisherman who embraces his fish, landing on the beach. Both smile and
coexist in a gentle embrace. An image linked to the environmental actions carried out by “La Casa dei Pesci” and hopeful towards our future actions.

Project Partners: Gitav, Fondazione Imagine 5, Patagonia International
Grants Program la Cave Michelangelo di Carrara.

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