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The Maremma Park by E Bike


An excursion within everyone’s reach in unspoiled nature: The Maremma Park, also known as Parco dell’Uccellina from the name of the green mountains that characterize its skyline overlooking the sea and which hide prehistoric caves that have seen Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis coexist ; at the foot of the mountains one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Collelungo, which still retains its naturalness-

Between the mountains and the beach, a path through the fragrant Mediterranean scrub takes us to the crystalline sea, where we can enjoy a swim out of the crowd of tourists. The different return path will allow us to observe the Maremma cows grazing accompanied by calves crossing the Granducale Pineta and if we are lucky we will be able to observe the Maremma bull grazing, a real colossus that now exceeds the 1200 kilos of weight, the animal closest to the ‘Uro, the wild bovine of the time of the ancient Romans now extinct.

All this on a bicycle, with the air that refreshes us and accompanied by an Environmental Guide who will tell us about the history and nature of this incredible and magical place.

Departure from Alberese at 4.30 pm, equipment delivery at departure with bikes at 5 pm arrival at the Collelungo beach and bathroom, return along the Granducale pine forest and arrival in Alberese around 9.30 pm
Possibility of making the excursion even with muscular MTBs

Info +39 371 383 70 52

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