The Orbetello bream

In the lagoon nature reserve

The Orbetello bream

The Orbetello gilthead bream is a fish highly valued for its delicate and tasty flesh, and for its abundant presence in the Orbetello lagoon in Tuscany. This lagoon, located between the Amiata mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, is an ideal natural habitat for the gilthead bream and other fish species.
This species can grow up to 40 cm in length and is mainly fished with bottom trawls, a traditional method that preserves the balance of the lagoon ecosystem.
Sea bream fishing is a traditional activity that dates back to ancient times and is still very important for the local economy. The Orbetello lagoon is a protected nature reserve, and fishing is carried out according to strict environmental standards to preserve the quality of the fish and the integrity of the ecosystem.

The Orbetello sea bream is very popular in Tuscan cuisine, and is served in many of the area’s trattorias and restaurants. Its soft and tasty flesh makes it perfect for baking or grilling, and it is often served with fresh vegetables and sides of potatoes or rice.
If you are a lover of fish or of local cuisine, you cannot miss the typical local recipes such as Orata di Orbetello in crosta and Orbetello gilthead stuffed with figs, fennel and thyme.


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