The Giannella Tombolo

6 km of beach and pine forest

The Giannella Tombolo

The Tombolo della Giannella is located north of Monte Argentario and is a strip of land about 6 km long that stretches from the mountain to the mouth of the Albegna river. It is crossed by the Giannella provincial road 36, which can be reached to the east from the Aurelia state road by exiting at Albinia and to the west from state road 440 at Porto Santo Stefano.
A thick and beautiful pine forest runs through Giannella along its entire length, beyond which stretches a sandy beach with many accesses to the sea. Bars, restaurants and bathing establishments can be found on almost the entire beach, but there are also long stretches of free beach.

The shallow waters and the gently sloping sandy shore make the beach accessible and safe even for children. Sheltered from the sirocco winds, Giannella is exposed to the north winds such as the mistral and tramontana, making it a beach suitable for sailing sports. The presence of the dunes, heaps of sand located close to the pine forest, colonised by typical plants such as maritime chamomile, beach bindweed or sea lily, make this beach a typical Maremma seaside setting.
Don’t miss a visit to the Casale Spagnolo and the Forte delle Saline, typical Spanish fortifications of the ancient Stato dei Presidi.


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