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September prepares us for the scent of the grape harvest


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September still gives us warm days of high summer and prepares us for the smell of the grape harvest. While we enjoy the sea, we can also organise a tasting of the new wine; let us start today by exploring the wine production in our area, starting with the island of Giglio.
Located in the Tuscan archipelago off the coast of Tuscany, it is famous for its natural beauty, enchanting beaches and tranquil atmosphere, but few people know that it is also home to a number of wineries that produce high quality wines.
The art of viticulture on Giglio Island has ancient roots, handed down from generation to generation.
Its Mediterranean climate and clay and limestone soils are ideal conditions for growing grape varieties such as Ansonica, Vermentino and Sangiovese.

Ansonaco has been cultivated on the island’s tiny terraces overlooking the sea since ancient times. It is made from 90 per cent autochthonous Ansonica grapes to which 10 per cent Biancone, Moscatello, Malvasia and Procanico are added. It is known for its medium-sized, thick-skinned grapes. This variety is prized for its resistance to the island’s environmental conditions, including sea winds and high temperatures during the summer.
Ansonaco is an amber-coloured, high-gravity, full-bodied white wine with a dry, slightly sour flavour whose vinification is carried out on its own. Production on the island of Giglio is often limited to small local wineries and artisanal producers. This helps to preserve the tradition and authenticity of the island’s wines.
On Thursday 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30, it will be possible to take part in the Grape and Cellar Festival in the Borgo Antico of Giglio Castellom tasting local dishes in the cellars set up in the narrow alleys, accompanied by the characteristic ansonaco wine and itinerant music.


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