Roman Exhibitions


If you are in Rome and are an art lover (but not necessarily!), the Eternal City always offers a wide range of unique and fascinating exhibitions.

From the works of legendary artists through the vibrant atmosphere of the Impressionists to the more contemporary and provocative, there is something for every taste, preference and curiosity.

For those wishing to explore the labyrinth of impossible perspectives and optical illusions, the exhibition dedicated to Escher at the Palazzo Bonaparte is an experience not to be missed. Featuring works that defy perception and logic, this exhibition is open until 5 May and offers a unique opportunity to also discover numerous previously unseen works by the Dutch artist.

For new and original readings that can arise from the comparison of works by two great artists, do not miss the opportunity to visit ‘A Velázquez in the Gallery’ at the Galleria Borghese, where from 26 March to 23 June the painting ‘Woman in the Kitchen with Supper at Emmaus’, the first known work by the Spanish painter, will be on display alongside masterpieces by Caravaggio.

For those who love Impressionism and its revolution in modern art, the exhibition at the Historical Infantry Museum, ‘Impressionists. The Dawn of Modernity’. With around 200 works, accompanied by letters, photographs, books and other objects, this exhibition – open from 30 March to 28 July – offers a fascinating insight into the birth of one of the most influential art movements in history.

And for a more contemporary and provocative experience, the exhibition ‘Skim. Amor nel Kaos” is the perfect opportunity to be enraptured by the colour and new pop language of this Tuscan artist, who right from the title pays homage – with the 22 paintings on display – to the Eternal City through the rhetorical play between Rome and Amor. Open until 13 September at Banca Generali Private.

Regardless of which exhibition you decide to visit, prepare to be surprised, inspired and transported to unique creative worlds, thanks to these exhibitions, which offer an extraordinary opportunity to discover new perspectives and have unforgettable experiences that only art can offer.


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