Riding the waves


in the Talamone Bay

The Gitavillage Talamone is perched on a hill within a vast park of olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. The sea of the shimmering Bay of Talamone is just a few steps away from the village and is a true paradise for lovers of wind and water sports, for unforgettable sporting experiences in the gentle Mediterranean waters of the Fertilia beach, with a spectacular view of the village of Talamone.

The particular conformation of the area and the presence of winds blowing from all directions and with different intensities make the bay perfect for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing at any time. This is why the Talamone Windsurfing Kitesurfing Center (TWKC) was founded in 2002, allowing beginners and experts alike to put themselves to the test.

You can bring your own equipment from home or rent it at TWKC and, while novices learn the basics, veterans will perfect their skills.
In addition to the fun on the water, Gitavillage Talamone offers a welcoming and friendly environment for guests. After a day of surfing and windsurfing, you can relax on the beach or by the pool enjoying a cool drink while admiring the colours of the sunset.

Grab your board and experience the adventure at sea surrounded by the beauty of nature and a passion for sport.


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