Pirate's night

Porto Ercole in celebration

Pirate’s Night

Fans of masked events should not miss the Pirate Festival in Porto Ercole.

On the first weekend of 4-5-6 May 2023, the village of Argentario changes its face and catapults the seafront, the beaches, and above all the locals and people into a mysterious atmosphere, like in the famous film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
The festival recalls the invasions of Barbary and Saracen pirates, in particular the plundering of the Turkish pirate Barbarossa in 1544 to the detriment of the seaside village on the slopes of the Argentario promontory.
Tourists, the curious and the inhabitants, are catapulted back almost 500 years with the inns and inn-keepers of pirates, the streets decorated as they were at the time of the plundering.

The programme starts with the parade of the crews, with their characteristic costumes and scenery, and ends on Sunday with the historical regatta in cooperation with the Circolo della Vela Argentario.
Not to be missed is the treasure hunt on Saturday night: will you be able to read the maps and find the treasure?
For more information visit the site of the Pirates’ Night in Porto Ercole.


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