Maremma legends

Maremma legends


and are handed down over time

The Maremma, a region located in southern Tuscany, is rich in ancient legends and stories that have fascinated generations of locals and visitors. These legends, which tell of mermaids, sea monsters, witches and other magical characters, are rooted in the culture and tradition of the Maremma and continue to be passed down from generation to generation.
One of the most famous legends of the Maremma concerns the mermaid who lives in the bay of Talamone. The legend says that the siren, charming and seductive, lured sailors with her sweet song and led them to their perdition. However, some sailors managed to resist her spell and escape her curse, thus saving their lives and their crew.
Another popular Maremma legend tells of a sea monster that terrorised the region’s coastline. This monster, known as ‘La Faella’, was described as a fearsome creature with giant tentacles and a gaping mouth full of sharp teeth. Legend says that only a brave and valiant warrior could defeat La Faella and rid the Maremma of its terror.

In addition, many Maremma legends revolve around witches, who were considered magical and powerful figures capable of influencing people’s lives. The most famous legend concerns a witch who lived in the Maremma and was able to transform herself into an animal to avoid capture. This witch, known as ‘La Befana’, has become an important figure in the region’s popular tradition, associated with end-of-year rituals and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
In conclusion, the legends of the Maremma are an important cultural heritage and represent a significant part of the region’s tradition and history. These fascinating stories continue to be passed down and inspire the imagination of visitors, who can discover the beauty and mysteriousness of the Maremma through these ancient legends


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