Cala Violina Beach

White sand and crystal clear waters

Cala Violina Beach

The beach of Cala Violina, on the Maremma coast, was awarded by Legambiente as one of the 11 most beautiful beaches in Italy in 2004 and 2005. It is located within the Bandite Nature Reserve just half an hour’s drive from the Pian Dei Mucini Resort.

If you want to discover the most beautiful beaches in the Maremma and in the whole of Tuscany, you certainly cannot miss a visit to Cala Violina!

Access is possible only by booking online.
Up to a certain point, you can drive along a dirt road until you reach the car park (for a fee). After that, Cala Violina can only be reached on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The path is about 1.5 km long and is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.

It is characterised by very white sand and a crystal-clear sea, which is particularly clear compared to the other beaches along the coast.

Thanks to the presence of a strong quantity of iron, the sand of Cala Violina produces a sound that resembles that of the violin. This happens when stepped on, due to the rubbing of the iron residue with the grains of sand.

The beach and the path leading to it are extremely beautiful even out of season, especially in the spring, because it is protected from the wind and you can lie in the sun even when temperatures are lower.


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