Gitav x Hypermaremma

Respecting our identity – we have chosen to sponsor Hypermaremma and its project of dialogue with the territory to highlight its peculiarities and beauty. Through the work of contemporary artists, invited to connect with the territory and its history, Hypermaremma offers a reinterpretation of the landscape and atmospheres that have made the lower Maremma one of the most attractive areas for cultured tourism and its friendly community. From July 29, it will be possible to admire the works of artists Guglielmo Maggini and Gianni Politi in the proximity of the Gitavillage Talamone and Park Hotel.

The Big Burnout

29 july 2022

THE BIG BURNOUT” is the new site-specific work by artist Guglielmo Maggini, created specifically for Orbetello’s Porta Medina, 400 meters from Park Hotel.
A streamer of bright resins surrounds the facade of the gate, inviting the viewer to step inside and take part in the explosion of bright warm colors that wrap the inner vault of Orbetello’s 17th-century gate.

Le Fatiche di A.C.

30 july 2022

LE FATICHE DI A.C.” is a project conceived and realized by artist Gianni Politi that chronicles his life and pictorial journey in the Maremma and Argentario area, where he has lived since childhood and which he considers home. In front of Gitavillage Talamone, a popular destination for surfers from Italy and beyond, the artist paints windsurfing sails that are mounted like monoliths of color in their purest pictorial form, as they move accompanied by the wind.

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