Beaches, Nature and History

The coast of Latium’s Maremma is wide and sandy, with beautiful pine forests where our holiday villages are located: Gitavillage California and Gitavillage Club degli Amici

Dark sand and a sea tinged with deep blue – this is the brief description of a picture awarded 3 Sails by Legambiente and in third position in the Blue Guide. The main beaches are: Spiaggia delle Graticciare, Spiaggia delle Murelle, Spinicci and Pian di Spille beaches, Bagni di Sant’Agostino and Saline di Tarquinia.

Gitavillage California

The main towns in this area are Montalto di Castro, a medieval village dominated by the ancient Guglielmi castle and the dark colours of the tufa contrasting with the light two sandy areas, creating a natural painting, and Tarquinia, a town synonymous with Etruscan culture, with the Monterozzi necropolis and Palazzo Vitelleschi, an elegant Gothic-Renaissance building housing the Archaeological Museum dedicated to Etruscan civilisation.

Gitavillage Club Degli Amici

In the Maremma Laziale it is also possible to admire the golden colours of the countryside, rich in wheat crops that blend in with the red of the wild poppies, horse farms guided by the historical and folkloristic figures of the Maremma Butteri and herds of oxen and sheep that roam freely… all of this frames the archaeological sites, the remains of an intriguing civilisation such as the Etruscans, of which our territory is rich.


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