Vacation with Furry Friends

Dogs: fantastic travelling companions

Vacation with Furry Friends

It is a scientific fact that having a pet makes us happier. Dogs are actually excellent friends and fantastic playmates for children. A vacation without our 4-legged friend wouldn’t be the same; it would be like leaving one of our children at home. And, imagine how great being all together with the tranquility of our areas.
Here are 3 different vacations, one for every taste.

Feeling at home
Choose a comfortable apartment, equipped with all the comforts, in order to feel at home and allow our 4-legged friends to stay in suitable places. Olive groves and wide open spaces will allow you to take your dog with you, completely carefree. The Argentario Osa Resort also has a bar, restaurant and swimming pool.

Between the seaside and the country
An oasis enclosed by green, in spring, and by the gold of the grain in the summer, directly on the seaside with bau beach, the Gitavillage Club degli Amici is the perfect compromise for the entire family. You can choose between apartments or camping solutions, go to the beach with your dog, and let your kids live it up with the fun entertainment…

Feeling athletic
Inside the Parco della Maremma, a stones from the beach, Gitavillage Talamone is family friendly, with wide open spaces for walking your 4-legged friends, and a long promenade along the sea, relaxing together is definitely more enjoyable!
You can stay in rooms or apartments, all equipped with air conditioning, necessary to keep our furriest friends from suffering from the heat.


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