Tuscan thermal baths

Tuscan thermal baths

The Tuscan Maremma: a land rich in thermal treasures, where ancient traditions blend with comfort and innovation to offer relaxation, regeneration and body care in a natural and welcoming environment.

Tuscany is permeated by a millennial history linked to thermal baths, whose tradition has its roots in the most remote times, with the Etruscan peoples who first recognised and exploited the beneficial properties of the thermal springs scattered throughout the territory. Later, the Romans contributed greatly to the development and exploitation of these resources, creating thermal complexes and establishments that still today bear witness to their ingenuity and understanding of the therapeutic properties of sulphurous waters.

Among the most renowned thermal resorts in the Maremma, the Terme di Saturnia occupies a first-rate place: the Cascate del Mulino waterfalls, formed by the thermal waters flowing into the Stellata stream, are considered among the most striking natural attractions in the Maremma.

Near Saturnia, along the road leading from Pitigliano to Sorano, stands the Pieve di Santa Maria dell’Aquila, a place steeped in history and spirituality where, in the 17th century, monks found refuge and refreshment in the thermal waters of the ‘Bagno dei Frati’.

The Terme del Petriolo, located along the course of the Farma stream on the border between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, are another thermal gem of the Maremma: these sulphurous waters, known since antiquity and frequented by illustrious personalities such as the Medici and the Gonzaga, offer a unique therapeutic experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in natural pools or enjoy the comforts of a modern thermal complex.

In addition to the famous thermal baths of Saturnia and Petriolo, the Maremma is home to other fascinating thermal destinations, such as the Terme del Calidario in Venturina, also known as Aquae Populoniae in antiquity, which offer a combination of history and modernity, with its thermal waters flowing at 36°C and a modern SPA that satisfies the needs of the most demanding visitors.


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