unspoilt landscapes


a hidden bay

Cala di Forno enchants trekkers with its unspoilt beauty. This hidden cove is a true jewel located along the coast, accessible only by an adventurous hiking trail. The excursion begins with a path through dense Mediterranean vegetation, with holm oak trees, maquis and aromatic scents filling the air. The path, although challenging in some sections, offers a complete sensory experience, with the sound of the wind through the trees and the singing of birds accompanying every step.

Along the way, it is possible to spot ancient ruins and ruins, evidence of a past rich in history and culture. The trekking experience to Cala di Forno is a fascinating adventure through one of the coast’s natural gems. This hidden cove offers the perfect retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Trekking is not only an opportunity to explore an unspoilt environment, but also to immerse oneself in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this tour is the variety of panoramas that open up before hikers. As you make your way along the route, you can admire spectacular panoramic views of the coastline, with the crystal clear sea stretching to the horizon. The alternation between stretches of forest and vantage points makes the hike stimulating and never boring, with the promise of a new view to be discovered at every turn.After a while of walking, the path begins to descend towards the coast. The beach is a picture of natural perfection, with fine golden sand, turquoise waters and cliffs.

The feeling of reaching this hidden bay after the trek is truly rewarding, as if one had discovered a precious secret oasis.You can explore the most remote corners of the bay, go snorkelling or simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the place.A trekking experience in Cala di Forno is an opportunity to connect with nature, discover the secluded beauty of the coast and be enchanted by the tranquillity of this unspoilt place.


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