Spring at sea

The tradition of Tuscan waters

Spring at sea

Did you know that…
In Tuscany, the arrival of the warm season is celebrated on 21 February with “Spring at Sea“, a tradition that owes its birth to the watchful eye of sailors and fishermen who, since ancient times, have noticed an awakening of all forms of marine life in this period.

With the arrival of ‘spring at sea’, people start fishing for cuttlefish, ombrines and saddled seabreams, and the Posidonia oceanica, a Mediterranean sea plant that is fundamental to the life of our sea, begins to bear fruit.

Posidonia is an aquatic plant that flourishes to protect our sea and grows in the crystal-clear waters of the bay of Talamone, an uncontaminated place guarded by nature.
Underwater meadows of Posidonia arise only in unspoilt ecosystems, and their function is to oxygenate the sea and protect our coastline by swinging their leaves.

This is a story of immense gratitude, nature’s unconditional love amazes us and we always declare it to her.

Let’s protect Posidonia!
Let’s enjoy the scent of salt together in a positive atmosphere; the sea is welcoming us back.

Let’s follow the flow of nature and prepare for summer!


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