festivals in tuscany

Celebrating the


Music, dances and village traditions

Village festivals are lively celebrations of local traditions and food and wine culture. These fascinating events bring the community together in a festive atmosphere, creating an explosion of colours, sounds and unique flavours. During the festivals, the streets come alive with markets and stalls offering typical delicacies, giving people the chance to sample some of the products. Festivals are often accompanied by music, dancing and popular games. They can also serve as showcases for local handicrafts, allowing producers to display their creations and visitors to purchase unique, handmade items. Overall, village festivals are a reflection of the roots and vitality of local communities, capturing the authentic spirit of a region through food, music and traditions.

Below are the current events in Tuscany:

-Maremma Meat Festival until 27/08/2023 (Alberese)

-Polenta Festival From 31/08/2023 to 03/09/2023 (San Giuliano Terme)

-Bisteccando From 25/08/2023 to 03/09/2023 (Castiglion Fiorentino)

-Soranese Ham and Cheese Festival From 31/08/2023 to 24/08/2023 (Sorano)

-Festival of Fried Fish and Caciucco until 25/08/2023 (Orbetello)

-Sagra della Spigola (Sea Bass Festival) until 26/08/2023 (Orbetello)

-Mushroom Soup Festival until 23/08/2023 to 27/08/2023 (Scansano)

-Sagra del Porcino until 31/08/2023 (Campagnatico)

-Grape Festival from 28/09/2023 to 30/09/2023 (Scansano)


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