Feast of Saint Erasmo

Festa di Sant’Erasmo

An opportunity to strengthen community ties and experience moments of joy and devotion.

The Feast of St Erasmus, celebrated on 2 June, predates the French Revolution and honours the patron saint who calmed a storm, saving fishermen in a stormy sea.
The solemn procession starts from the old church, passes through the narrow alleys of the old town and reaches the port. A bust of St Erasmus, carried on the shoulders, is embarked on a fishing boat adorned with flowers and lights, and with him board the bishop, clergy and civil authorities.
As soon as the boat with the saint takes off, numerous other boats join in, following the route until it leaves the harbour and forms a wide circle in the sea. At that point, wreaths of flowers are thrown from the boat with the Saint in memory of the fallen sailors.
The return to the port is announced by the sound of sirens and the display of fireworks.

There are many events in the days leading up to 2 June, involving the whole town, from the youngest to the oldest.

On 30 and 31 May:
21.00: “Girotondo di Canzoni” in Piazza Roma

1 June:
17:00 Regatta Rowing Parade of the Four Forts from Piazza Albegna
18:15 Paliotto of the Youngest
19:15 Rowing Regatta of the older ones
20:00 Tombola draw in Piazza Roma
21:45 Evening show with Ivana Spagna and Johnson Righeira

Finally, on the morning of 2 June, mass is celebrated in the church of San Paolo della Croce, while the sea procession starts at 20:30 and a fireworks display at 23:30


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