from 08.02.2021 to 12.02.2021

Gitav Academy
Tourist training for those who want to work with passion.

From the direct know-how of Gitav operators and amassadors, Gitav Academy is born, a training course aimed at those who are determined to get to the heart of the work experience in the tourism sector.

Gitav. Tourist constellations.
We are a Positive Organization of accommodation facilities that arise in extraordinary locations, between nature and cities of art, in the heart of the most audacious Tuscan countryside, on the sea of the Silver Coast, on the Lido of Venice and in the capital Rome.

Our Vision.
For Gitav the art of hospitality is to bring authentic experiences to life, seeking harmony between innovation, growth and tradition, leaving a positive imprint on people and territories.

We are committed to creating a harmonious environment for our guests and collaborators, enhancing the talents and creativity of each one, enhancing the peculiarities and culture of each territory.

We believe that the happiness and sustainability of our positive organization is everyone’s responsibility.

We are waiting for you with a smile to work together.
8-12 February 2021 on the Microsoft Teams platform from 8 to 18

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