A modern seaside resort overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of the Argentario.

Far down, on the slopes close to the sea, you can find the quiet residential area with numerous villas set in the green. On the south side, it is noteworthy the sixteenth century Torre della Tagliata, where the musician Giacomo Puccini lived.

Here you can also find: the ruins of the ancient Roman city “Cosa”, the “Tagliata Etrusca” (natural crack in the rock) and the “Spacco della Regina” (artificial channel entirely excavated in the rock), which mark the start of a “lunar sand” boundless beach.

Recommended structures:

Gitavillage Argentario
Albinia (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Il Gabbiano
Albinia (GR) – Toscana

Park Hotel
Orbetello (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Talamone
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Hotel Capo D’Uomo
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Hotel Il Telamonio
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Le Cannelle
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Argentario Osa Resort
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Club degli Amici
Pescia Romana (VT) – Lazio

Gitavillage California
Montalto di Castro (VT) – Lazio

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