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Tuscan archipelago: Giglio and Giannutri islands

Giglio Island 

A trip to the Giglio Island offer a chance to enjoy a day at the Sea . There are many characteristic beaches inlets and one is more beautiful than the other. We hence recommend that you visit more than one.

Campese: is delimited by the evocative Stack on the southern end and by the Medicean Tower on the northern end. It can be reached via public buses (about 15 minutes from the Port) and via taxi services. The reddish Colour of the sand and the marvelous views at sunset are unique.

Cala delle Cannelle: can be reached by land from the small port after walking for about 20 minutes or by taxi . Here the sand appears to be more grainy and of a brilliant white color.

Cala dell’Arenella: small beach with few people , true natural treasure for the location and the rock-like sand with golden reflexes. It can be reached by sea, through boatmen services or by taxi.

Giannutri Island

Crescent-shaped, the coastline appears to be indented and rocky, only broken by two beaches: Cala dello Spalmatoio to the north-east and Cala Maestra north- west. We suggest you start the tour of this ancient island at the Roman harbours which are still the only moorings available today. Restrictions have ensured the Gabbiani Island could remain a real Paradise (bathing is allowed only in certain areas). A Paradise for scuba divers who can enjoy an unpolluted sea. A paradise for tourists who can move within a nice garden setting without any cars. A paradise for those who can’t decide whether to admire the infinite blue sea or visit the ruins of a 1st century Roman villa.

To reach the islands from Porto Santo Stefano:


Strutture consigliate:
Gitavillage Argentario
Albinia (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Il Gabbiano
Albinia (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Talamone
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Le Cannelle
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Argentario Osa Resort
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Hotel Capo d’Uomo
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Hotel Il Telamonio
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Park Hotel
Orbetello (GR) – Toscana

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