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Nature and Archaeological Park of Vulci


In the place in which today stands Parco Naturalistico Archeologico di Vulci, near Montalto di Castro in the Province of Viterbo, once stood an Etruscan city of the same name, one of Etruria’s largest.
Visiting the park is like traveling back in time to when, under the domination of the Roman Empire and of the Etruscans, the city of Vulci experienced a time of great splendor: in the center the ancient city, around the necropolis, and the sanctuaries along the roads outside the city.
Today all of that remains as precious testimonies to be admired along the paths of the archeological area. The Castello dell’Abbadia, the symbol of Vulci which stands above the Fiora River and hosts the important National Archeological Museum. However, the most important element is certainly the necropolis just 1 km from the castle, the famous city of the dead, with tombs dating back to nearly 2,700 years ago, such as the tumulo della Cuccumella, la tomba delle iscrizioni and the François tomb.
Thanks to these findings it is possible to rediscover Etrucan traditions, songs and dances. Ancient paths which lead to ancient thoughts, in search of discovering one of the past’s most fascinating civilizations.

History blending with the present: this is Vulci’s natural park. Here there are, not only excavations and funerary finds, but also concerts, strolls under the stars and initiatives involving both young and old.


Sensory paths and archery in order to immerge oneself in Vulci’s landscape, kayak rides in the waters of the Pellicone lake; educational night visits to the ancient city, and to finish, the stories of the stars between legends, myths, science and … the pristine Nature immersed in the mystery and the charm of the darkness to observe with the help of flashlights.


The Pellicone lake, inside the park, was the backdrop of two famous films: “Non ci resta che piangere” with Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi and more recently “Tre uomini e una gamba” with the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo.

The song video “Libre” by Emma Marrone and Alvaro Soler was filmed at the Vulci park and in the nearby Canino and Ischia di Castro.

Not only a park, therefore, but a perfect combination of history, art, culture, nature and modernity: a magnet attracting ever more tourists from all over the world and only a few kilometers from Villaggio California!

Parco di Vulci – Tales from the stars

An evening made up of legends , nature, archeology, history and observation of the sky. The sky, with all its wonders, has always attracted and captured the imagination of men instinctively that they have identified in the representation of the divine power.

In their imagination, groups of stars, apparently close to each other, took forms related to the history of man.

Tales from the Stars is the way to go back and bond with the myths of the past, while remaining adherent to the explanations that science has given the appearance of the constellations.

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