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Natural Reserves of Maremma in Lazio

“In the midst of the pathway of our lives, I found myself in a dark forest, for the straight path was lost.”

Dante Alighieri

The Riserva Naturale Selva Del Lamone, established in 1994, is in the town of Farnese, in the Province of Viterbo, and is a protected area of more than 2,000 acres. Formed of a wild, and in some places impenetrable, woods, it laid its roots more than 150,000 years ago on the lava flowing from the erupting Latera volcano. Today the Olpeta River marks its borders and, along it seems to become one with the woods itself: willows alders and poplars for downright galleries, unparalleled subjects for amazing nature photography. Near the Reserve, you can enjoy two beautiful cascades formed by the river: the Pelicotonno and the Salabrone waterfalls. These are the background of important archeological sites in the Reserve. Actually, traveling the pristine paths, you can walk a survey of history, from the Paleolithic age to the present…you can see the remains of Etruscan burial grounds, farms, Roman roads and more recent shepherd huts and coal burners dating back to the ‘50s. The vegetation growing in the Reserve varies widely, and is rich with protected species that are unique in all of Lazio, such as Northern Spleenwort, Greek Lupine and the Vicia Loiseleurii. This particularly lush flora has contributed to the creation of the myth of the dancing forest. Actually, it’s almost obvious to think that some of the verses in the Divine Comedy were inspired by this “magical” place. Besides the remarkable plant variety, there is an immeasurable fauna variety: at least 124 species of birds, 6 fish species, 9 reptile species, 15 amphibian species and 40 species of mammals.


You can visit the woods, but you should never leave the paths, and always follow a guide’s directions, as it is very easy to get lost. The Reserve’s staff does everything it can, in every season of the year, to promote the forest’s most fascinating and unique aspects: the accumulations of lava (“le murce”), the monumental trees, the Etruscan tombs and fortifications, the remains of the Roman roads and much more. The network of paths allows you to be in close contact with the pristine nature which will envelop you, but before you even begin to walk, download the map from the website www.selvalamone.it or call 0761/458861 for route recommendations.

“Life Go Park”

“Life Go Park” is one of 11 projects financed by the European Union; an awareness campaign about protecting nature and biodiversity. The purpose is to improve understanding of the Protected Natural Areas, helping mankind to understand the important relationship between humanity and nature. Related occasions are organized such as info-days, fairs and conferences, folklore events in the natural landscapes and numerous educational activities for young and old.
The salt-works of Tarquinia
The nature reserve of the Saline (Salt-works) has been a booming port for the Phoenicians, Etrurians, Greeks and Romans.
The salt-work should have provided for Rome’s salt requirements.
A varied and particular habitat: beach, dune, salted ponds, Mediterranean steppe, grassland and pine grove.
You are free to visit the salt-works village and make use of the picnic area, but the remaining area can only be visited by appointment.
Nature Reserve of Tuscania
Above a predominantly hilly ground, marked by furrows and crags. The river Marta runs through most of the reserve and defines its boundaries.
Inside the Reserve you will find Tuscania’s “sughereta” (“cork plantation”).
Nature Reserve of Lamone
Of a vulcanic nature, in the heart of the Lazio Maremma. Because of its wild nature, in the past it has been a refuge for the brigands.
In order to remember this phenomenon of the nineteenth century, it has been created a path fitted with picnic areas. The park can be visited by car, mountain bikes or on horseback.

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