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Butteri from Maremma in the New York Times


In 2011 the famous American newspaper, The New York Times, dedicated a long, front-page article to “Italian Cowboys” in which the work of Augusto Imperiali, the only man able to tame one of Buffalo Bill’s wild broncos. It happened in 1890 during one of events of Buffalo Bill’s Wild East Show in Europe, the American cowboys were challenged by the Duke of Sermoneta to mount his horses. Obviously they were successful, but Buffalo Bill took the chance relaunch the challenge to the butteri, who fell off one after the other, only Imperiali was able to stay on his saddle.

“Italian Cowboys Refuse to Ride Off Into History”, that’s the title of the article that took this tradition of the Maremma across the ocean, that which they call Italian Cowboys are nothing more than our Butteri, men on horseback who for centuries have ridden the marshy land of the Maremma, raising Maremanna Cattle.

The Butteri are diminishing in great number, technology and new livestock techniques have rendered their activity less frequent, but both in the Maremma of Tuscany and that of Lazio, you can still find farms who to this day work at keeping this tradition alive.

Read the article in The New York Times here:

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