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Argentario’s towers and forts

There are many proofs of military architecture on the Mountain Argentario, which was first dominated by the Sienese Republic and later on by the Spaniards.
The fortress of Forte Filippo, Forte Stella, La Rocca, built by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century to protect Porto Ercole.
The fortresses can be partly visited, for any information please contact:
Ufficio Cultura del Comune di Monte Argentario(Cultural Department, Town Council of Mountain Argentario) – Tel. 0564 811925

Recommended structures:

Gitavillage Argentario
Albinia (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Il Gabbiano
Albinia (GR) – Toscana

Gitavillage Talamone
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Le Cannelle
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Argentario Osa Resort
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Hotel Capo d’Uomo
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Hotel Il Telamonio
Talamone (GR) – Toscana

Park Hotel
Orbetello (GR) – Toscana

Club Le Cannelle
Talamone (GR)- Toscana

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