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Aperitif in the Talamone Marine Reserve

Close your eyes. Now imagine a boat in the middle of the crystalline sea, the sun that slowly plunges into the water giving a breathtaking sunset, the sweet summer breeze that caresses your skin …

This is the new location of the most original aperitif in the Maremma!

Offshore the Marine Reserve, accompanied by a skilled seaman, you can taste Prosecco matured underwater.

Bottles of delicious Prosecco are left to rest in the depths of our sea. The soft oscillation of the waves, thanks to the constant temperatures and the lack of light, allows the noble lees produced by the long sparkling process to be kept suspended. Usually the constant movement, in the cellar, is carried out mechanically, here instead it is replaced by the gentle rocking of the sea. The bottles, once recovered and brought to the surface, have an original cover of marine sediments.

Departure from Talamone, reservation is required

Andrea +39 339.27.53.018

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